Keno Strategy Myths

The main reason keno strategy is a myth you can't count on to win is because keno uses the same rules as the lottery; therefore there is no true strategy, unless the player picks lottery numbers using a particular method.

Online Keno

With keno online the game board is made up of the numbers one through eighty. Players select a maximum of ten numbers and the online software chooses twenty numbers from the same board. The player makes a "hit" each time one of his numbers matches a number on the online board. A player who pre-selects ten numbers is faced with extremely long odds in matching all ten because the more numbers a player pre-selects, the longer the odds. Players mark off the board numbers that match the ones they decided to play as the board reveals the numbers dropped through the gooseneck. At the end of this process, players add the earnings up.

Tips for Online Keno

The best online keno strategy is to look at results from previous games to identify numbers that have not dropped through the gooseneck for a while. It is thought by some people that neglected numbers may be more likely to appear. However, this is not a true strategy as such but more a superstition. Players can obviously go for the opposite strategy by picking numbers that appear to always come up and win. Keno is strictly a game of luck where talent is unnecessary. With keno, some people play the numbers that seem to show up frequently in an attempt to try to play the trends.

Gamblers like to think that if a certain game is played enough times, the total wins will exceed the losses. This obviously happens at some point with any online casino game. For example, players who play the slots also find this to be the case. In reality, true strategies do not exist for keno regardless of what anyone says. The truth is keno strategy is a myth you can't count on to win.