Craps: The Throwing of Dice

Casino is a place, where people feel highly tempted to test their luck; the games are highly captivating for the visitors or regular players to turn away from. Craps is exactly such a game that has been widely popular in almost every casino around the world. This dice game is frequented by various players, including the big rollers at the casinos. Since the roll of the dice is unpredictable, the outcome mostly depends upon the player's luck and to certain extent his approximation and estimates.

The rules for craps are consistent in every place, and there are hardly any variants of the game. The standard form of the game implies that the players would have to play against the Bank or Casino representative. With sumptuous amount of money involved the bets are to be placed against the odds of the Bank and the Shooter's throw. The person, who throws or rolls the dice, is known as the shooter; every player on the table takes their turn to roll the die and be the shooter. However, a player may choose to refuse his turn as shooter and pass the chance over to the next person. The person refusing can still continue to bet upon the odds of the new shooter's chances.

An individual, referred to as the Stickman, is in-charge of handing over the two dice to the shooter, who in turn chooses from the option of 5 die in the Stickman's bowl. After selection the remaining die are returned in the bowl. The game continues, with different payouts upon the different combination of rolls; but you must remember, in craps, that your roll is considered valid only after both the die strike the far end of the table and settle afterwards.